Alphabet Memory Matching Game
20 mins

Alphabet Memory Matching Game

Like the classic memory matching game, but as a great way to learn uppercase and lowercase letters.

indoors, memory, letters, matching

What you'll need

  1. Match It! Alphabet Memorybuy item

Step by step guide

  1. You can make your own cards (small squares of card, all the same size), print them off a worksheet, or buy a set. You'll want an uppercase and a lowercase card of each letter that you're trying to learn.
  2. Mix the cards up, turn them all face down, and line them up neatly in rows.
  3. The player should turn one card, and a second one. If they match (the uppercase and lowercase of the same letter), they can remove them and put them on the side. If they don't match, they have to turn them back over again.
  4. One player can play by themself, or two can play competitively. With two players, take it in turns to turn over 2 cards, and if they match, then keep those cards (to the side) to keep score.