Counting Cows
10 mins

Counting Cows

Great for a long car journey with 2 kids. Practice observation and numbers by counting cows.

traveling, numbers, counting, observation

Step by step guide

  1. Each player in the car has to look for cows out the window, usually only on their side of the road.
  2. When a player sees cows, they have to count them, saying the numbers out loud. Each cow is worth a point.
  3. First person to reach a certain number (5 for small kids up to 500 for adults) is the winner.
  4. More complex versions include giving different animals different point values, like horses for 10 points.
  5. With older kids, have a trigger item (traditionally a cemetery, but it could be something nicer like a McDonalds) where when you pass it, everyone on that side of the car loses their points.