Dropper Painting
25 mins

Dropper Painting

Painting, color mixing and observing gravity are combined in this fun art exercise.

indoors, painting, art

What you'll need

  1. Kids' Easelbuy item
  2. Crayola Washable Kids' Paintbuy item
  3. Droppers / Pipettesbuy item
  4. Paint Tray / Palettebuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Put a piece of paper on an easel or hung on something else at an angle, over a washable floor or outside as the paint will probably drip.
  2. Pour out a small amount of each paint color, and then mix it with water to get it quite watery.
  3. Use a different dropper (pipette) for each paint color.
  4. Squeeze out paint in one spot at the top of the paper, and watch it drip down.
  5. Repeat with other colors, and other positions on the paper.
  6. See how the colors mix together as the paints touch on the way down.