Huggy Bear
15 mins

Huggy Bear

Counting practice for younger kids and an icebreaker for older kids, quickly form groups.

indoors, teamwork, numbers, counting, teamwork

Step by step guide

  1. This game works best with 6 or more players, but you could still do it with 2 young kids and one adult.
  2. The adult calls 'Huggy Bear' and then a number, like 'Huggy Bear Three'.
  3. The players should then form into groups of that number of people, and either hug or huddle together.
  4. You will sometimes have players left over. They are not out, just keep calling new numbers so that everyone keeps forming new groups.
  5. The largest number you can call is the number of players in the game. That is a great way to end the game as everyone gets into one giant huddle.