Painting Fireworks
30 mins

Painting Fireworks

Create fireworks artwork with recycled toilet paper tubes

art, indoors, recycling, fireworks

What you'll need

  1. Poster Paperbuy item
  2. Crayola Washable Kids' Paintbuy item
  3. Paper Platesbuy item
  4. Toilet Paper Tubes

Step by step guide

  1. Use a large piece of paper as your canvas
  2. Put a different color of paint on each paper plate
  3. Create your brushes by cutting each toilet paper tube into one inch strips half way down the tube
  4. Open out the strips like a flower, and put one brush in each plate of paint
  5. Paint your fireworks by tapping or twisting the paint covered brushes on the paper
  6. Use multiple colors on some of the fireworks
  7. Maybe add some glitter at the end