Paper Plate Ring Toss
20 mins

Paper Plate Ring Toss

Indoor version of the fairground favorite. Make it challenging for any age.

indoors, challenge, creative, throwing

What you'll need

  1. Paper Platesbuy item
  2. Kids' Scissorsbuy item
  3. Crayola Washable Markersbuy item
  4. Water Bottle

Step by step guide

  1. Depending on their age, the kids may just play or they might construct the game
  2. Cut out the center of each paper plate
  3. Each player should color or decorate their own paper plate rings, so they know which is theirs
  4. Put a water bottle in the middle of the room
  5. Players take it in turns to throw their rings over the bottle
  6. For a more challenging game, move the bottle further away or have different bottles worth different numbers of points.