Sight Words Bingo
20 mins

Sight Words Bingo

A fun way to learn sight words. Easy to make it harder or easier with more or less words.

indoors, words

What you'll need

  1. Sight Words Bingobuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Write out the sight words that the kid knows on small pieces of card. Create a card bingo board with the same words on it.
  2. Each player needs their own board and some kind of playing pieces to put on the board.
  3. The adult should pick a card at random, say the word on it, and put the card to the side. Each time they say a word, the kids should find the word on their board and put a playing piece on it.
  4. The adult should continue to call out words from cards picked at random.
  5. When a kid has a complete row or column of playing pieces, they should shout BINGO to be the winner (even if they are the only player!)
  6. For a slightly different version, the card is held up to the players who all say the word together, and then find the same word on their board.