Simon Says
15 mins

Simon Says

Fun for toddlers and teenagers alike. Useful educational tool for toddlers and young children learning body part names.

indoors, outdoors, listening, instructions, body

Step by step guide

  1. The caller will give instructions, and all the players stand in a line
  2. When the caller says an instruction starting with 'Simon Says' (like 'Simon Says, touch your head') then the players must do that action
  3. When the caller says an instructions without saying 'Simon Says' (like 'Touch your head') the players must not change what they are doing
  4. If you do the wrong thing, either by reacting when you shouldn't, or by reacting too slowly, then you are out of the game
  5. To keep all players occupied, instead of getting people out, reduce their number of points from 5 to 0. Once a player hits 0, everyone with 5 points wins.