Transferring Water
20 mins

Transferring Water

Practice fine motor skills moving water between containers using a turkey baster or a dropper.

indoors, fine motor, water

What you'll need

  1. Dishpan/Wash Basinbuy item
  2. Small Bowls
  3. Turkey Basterbuy item
  4. Droppers / Pipettesbuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Fill one container or bowl with water, and put an empty jar or bowl next to it.
  2. Use a turkey baster to collect water from the full container, and put it in the empty bowl.
  3. Race against the clock, or a competitor, to see how quickly you can move the water.
  4. You can also try taking water from one large container and spreading it between several small containers.
  5. If the turkey baster is too easy, then try using a dropper/pipette.