Volume Pouring
15 mins

Volume Pouring

Learn about volume by experimenting with pouring water between containers.

indoors, outdoors, science, water, pouring

What you'll need

  1. Dishpan/Wash Basinbuy item
  2. Assorted Food Storage Containersbuy item
  3. Small Bowls

Step by step guide

  1. Provide a range of plastic containers like cups, bowls, food containers. Set up the experiment area in an empty bathtub or outside on the grass.
  2. Fill a larger bowl or container with water.
  3. Let the kids experiment with filling different containers with water, and then pouring between the containers.
  4. See how many small containers they can fill up with the water from just one large container.
  5. See how many small containers of water it takes to fill a large container.