Water Balloon Toss
15 mins

Water Balloon Toss

Perfect for a hot summer's day. A competitive game of catch with water balloons.

outdoors, water, throwing, catching

What you'll need

  1. Self Sealing Water Balloonsbuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Fill up some water balloons.
  2. Two players stand very close to each other (their hands can almost touch), facing each other. These 2 players are a team.
  3. Player 1 throws a water balloon to Player 2, who has to catch it without it breaking. Player 2 then throws it back to Player 1 who must also catch it.
  4. Player 1 stays where they are. Player 2 takes a small step backwards.
  5. Throw the water balloon to Player 2 again and back to Player 1. Player 2 moves back again.
  6. Keep throwing the balloon and increasing the gap until the water balloon breaks and someone gets soaked.