Water Relay
30 mins

Water Relay

Practice pouring , running without spilling, and working as a team with a water relay. The perfect activity for a hot summer day.

outdoors, water, teamwork, coordination

What you'll need

  1. Dishpan/Wash Basinbuy item
  2. Paper Cupsbuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Place a container full of water at the beginning of the course and an empty one at the end (one per team)
  2. Ask the children to stand at a certain distance from one another throughout the course
  3. At the word Go! the first children will fill their cups and run toward the second children, transferring their water into their cup. The second children will run to the third ones and so on
  4. The last child must pour their water into the container at the end. The goal is to fill the empty container with as much water as possible
  5. Extra: to make it more challenging, older children could carry the cups over their heads