Wiggly Worm
20 mins

Wiggly Worm

Wriggle and jiggle with this fun-packed game. A great way to get your children to move around with a bit of role-playing.

indoors, active, role playing

What you'll need

  1. Small Bowls
  2. Multipurpose Paperbuy item
  3. Scissorsbuy item

Step by step guide

  1. Cut out some strips of paper and draw a wriggly worm on some of them. On others, you can draw other creatures/things that you would like your children to impersonate (an airplane, a ballerina, a pirate? The possibilities are endless!).
  2. Put the strips inside a bowl or a paper bag.
  3. Get the children to sit in a circle.
  4. In turns, the children will pick a strip and show it to the rest of the group.
  5. The whole group will stand up, spread out around the room and pretend to be the creature/object represented on the strip for ten seconds.
  6. They then sit down again and pick the next strip of paper.