Privacy Policy

At Splooka, we know that protecting personal information is extremely important to the families who use our service. It’s important to us too, which is why we want to use this Privacy Policy to explain when we collect personal information, how it is used, and why.

Most of the experience with Splooka is contained in our mobile apps, but our website does use cookies to collect information about how people use the websites. Those cookies are managed by third party services. We currently use Google Analytics for tracking how people interact with our website.

Our app tracks all users to see what categories and activities they interact with. This is in addition to the information that the user tells us when we ask a specific question in the app, such as the age of a child or how much the family enjoyed a particular activity.

That information about how a user is interacting with the activities becomes personal information if the user has created an account and logged in on the app.

Where permission has been explicitly given by a user, we are then able to send you emails or notifications with information on activities and products that we think you and your family will enjoy, based on your actions and information you’ve given us in the past.

We have integrated our app with Google Analytics and Facebook, so that they can provide us with analytics on how our users interact with the app.

We may share anonymised actions of our users with other companies or organisations, such as games developers, activity providers or those interested in the trends of what activities are popular. However, this will not be personally identifiable to those other companies or organisations.

If you have any questions about how we use personal information, or you wish to make any changes to your information or have it deleted, please email us at [email protected]

The data controller responsible for your information is Splooka Ltd, who you can contact at [email protected]